Step 1
I want action
I organize action
Choose topics you're interested in. We will use that info to ensure tailor-made experience for you.
Each of us has access to unique things that can be extremely interesting for other people. But we don't even realize it! Twigs will help you appreciate the usual things turning them into a creative idea.
Step 2
Generate ideas
Explore requests in your area
I want action
I organize action
Twigs suggests ideas based on your onboarding results. Yes, ideas can be crazy and sometimes impossible to put into action. We want to shake your imagination and encourage you to think out of the box.
Create requests right from the generator
Save interesting ideas for the future cases
Share provocative ones on social media
Many people nearby want to spend time getting a unique experience. Twigs will show you feed with all requests or only those that match your interests or your resources.
Ride a garbage truck in Manhattan at night
Step 3
Post request
Create your offer
I want action
I organize action
Use a generated idea or create your own one. Then post it and wait for offers.
Write your offer, set the price and wait for an answer. If you are selected, the customer will make a deposit. You will receive money immediately after the completion of the action.
Step 4
Pick the best offer and discuss details
Discuss details, have fun and get your money
I want action
I organize action
Choose the best offer and proceed to discuss the details. After that all set, just be cool and have fun.
The money is already on the service and waiting for the action to end. Time to discuss details via chat. Now everything is ready. At the meeting, be punctual, attentive and share your experience with a smile.

Why is Twigs better than everything you've seen before?

Truly unique experience

Our ideas generator never repeats itself. So, you will always get only unique suggestions. Moreover, there are really a few chances that someone will get the same entertainment experience.

You’re a citzen of the world

Discover new places and opportunities. The world is friendlier than you think. Twigs gives you a chance to explore the places like the locals do.

Have fun making money

Do you like the idea of meeting new people? So, why not making some money while having fun? See requests in your region and help others put their ideas in motion. Making new friends never been so exciting.

Rating system

The rule is simple. Be cool. Don't be an asshole. So, your rating will be high and everyone will deal with you.

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